Ghost Strands is the interwoven story of ordinary people being pushed to the limit, seeing how far they would go to save their own lives. Each story takes place with a new character, confronted with what appears to be an insurmountable task, handed down to them by a member of a mysterious organization. Everyone is free to deny their challenge, but no one has dared. These seemingly insignificant actions begin to expose a much larger conspiracy, in where a power struggle is at play between two warring factions.

Writer and co-creator
Allyn Jensrud is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. During the day, he spends his time designing and developing medical devices in the cardio vascular market, and has been in the industry for over 10 years. Even though this is a very exciting and rewarding job, Allyn met Erik while searching for local artists in the Minneapolis area to help see his dream of a comic book concept come to life. Since then, they have been developing and producing the comic Ghost Strands and have completed the first three issues in the summer of 2014. Allyn has also written for Rotten Apple Comics Lil Bolt series, one of the main characters in Priority Squad Alpha.

Artist and co-creator
Erik Lervold was born when he was very young. He is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where he got his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Comic Art. He has created three books for NASA, Cindi in Space, Cindi in the Electric Atmosphere and Cindi in the Solar Winds while working in the children's book series TigerMoth, Insect Ninja for Stonearch Books. Erik also worked as a letterer for Tokyopop and has worked on various table-top games for Minion Games, including Five Fingered Severance. Right now, Erik is painting Ghost Strands along with writer Allyn Jensrud for GoGo Matika and is working on his own webcomic/band/ webseries the Red Calaveras. On top of all that, his work on Coyote Meets Jesus helped the book win the Benjamin Franklin Best Ethnic Publication Award.